Constitution and the Bill of rights

February 6, 2006

Constitution and the Bill of rights
I have heard it said that our constitution is a living breathing document that takes on the voice of its people. I have also heard fairytales most of my life as well, funny but I almost expect to here once upon a time before I hear that statement. The constitution is a piece of paper with words written on it, very important words no doubt, but still just words. A lot like the Bible it is one of the most picked apart documents on the face of the earth. People tend to quote their favorite parts and ignore the rest of it, while both must be taken as a whole to be understood.

The Constitution my friends does not have a pulse, it has no heart beat, it has no brain, in this respect if it were a living breathing document it would be declared brain dead and spared of its purely in existent life. It would in effect be alive only by the help of machines and therefore useless. I have heard that the Constitution and the Bill of rights were in effect noble documents meant to guide us in this experiment called America. Sounds very educated doesn’t it? But I doubt very seriously that the men who fought for and signed those documents knew that they were fighting for an experiment.
No, they fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not some living breathing document that was the on the draft table as an interesting experiment. Sounds like a lot of people have been watching a bit too much Frankenstein, They seem to view America as some big game board and we are the pieces. Let’s see what happens if we try to take their property for taxes… However, most of us were not told we were even playing the game. It seems to me that some very brave men fought and died so that we could not be treated this way, but if you think about it we are heading back to the times before that Great War that brought us our independence.
Today in this great experiment we can not openly acknowledge our Lord and Savior; we live in fear of our property being taken for taxes. Do you remember that great statement “no taxation with out representation “? Well I think most of us would agree that the Supreme Court does not represent us in the eminent domain judgment. It is amazing that we are now deciding how things should be done in America by the world’s standards. So much for independence, we can no longer put to death a murderer who committed a murder when he was under eighteen. Why? Because the rest of the world doesn’t, that is right Our US Supreme court seeks out the worlds judgment before our own.

When we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, everyone was so worried that we would push our culture on them; no one has bothered to worry about the rest of the world pushing their culture on us. They really do not have to push though; our justices actively seek their advice about how to rule on things in our country. Our forefathers fought for our independence our leaders are handing right back. We are America, we are a strong and proud people, we are a sometimes a loud and rowdy people, we are an independent people, a people who have had to fight for everything we have ever gotten. We don’t give up very easily, not those rights we inherited, and we will fight to the death to retain them.

That so called living breathing document was meant as a road map to a brighter more beautiful future, not for them but for us because they never lived to see the freedoms we have today. The Constitution is a rock, a solid in this ever changing world of ours; it stands to stop the waves of divisiveness that would be ours without it. The Bill of rights is what our forefathers fought and died for, they did not pick up arms, leave everything behind, rest in their own blood so that it could be amended for every right we thought we should have, just those that should be inherent to all.

This country, with its farmers, truckers, housewives, single parents and school children is not some experiment, it is our life. The farms, the doublewides, and frame houses are not just property they are a way of life. Our belief in God and country is not just a statement, it is life. We read our Bibles as what it is, a road map to Heaven, we are your banker, your butcher, your hairdresser, your sister, your Mother, your Father or brother, simply put we are America, there is no other country like us, there are no other people like us. We were born of a belief that people could live together in freedom and that belief became fact and that fact became a couple of pieces of paper, later to be known as the Constitution and the Bill of rights.



How to push your agenda in America

February 6, 2006

How to push your agenda in America
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

There are a lot of groups in America who work day and night to forward their agenda in America. I am here to tell you that you are doing it all wrong; all of your hard work is most often for naught. You can put out flyers, make commercials, have parades, send your preaches or spokespersons all over the world and still be right where you started. Sure every now and then you get a crumb thrown your way, but you know it is only a crumb.

The proper ways to get your agenda forwarded is declare your hatred of America, declare war on us then follow it up with a few guys willing to die for your cause in airplanes. That is right, you have to prove to Americans and the liberals that you can and will kill nearly three thousand people in one day. Then you will have people falling all over themselves to be nice to you, they will spend years trying to get people to understand why you had to do it.

All of your work done in one single day, don’t worry about people retaliating against you, they wouldn’t dare that would be considered intolerant. As a matter of fact they are more likely to change their court systems to include your dogma. If by chance you or any of your group is caught and put behind bars, our attorneys paid for by us will handle your case and before it is over they will have the jail you’re detained in shut down.
Your dogma will become sacred and any one who does not respect it will be ostracized, we will understand if someone says that it was tarnished and you turn your guns on us. Don’t worry about our military coming after you either the liberals have their hands tied so securely you could walk in here and do anything you want, they will have to ask for permission to fire on you and that could take years, walk into a church and we will simply be forced to walk away.

You may think I am crazy saying these things, have you looked around you lately? Have you listened these days, before 9/11 when was the last time you heard about a Koran? Now that is all we hear about, they can spit on our Bible, tear out the pages, burn it and no one will stand up and stop it. But you let some news magazine lie about the Koran being disrespected and suddenly the whole world is bearing teeth and ready to charge and incarcerate anyone involved. Our children are not allowed to utter the word Jesus in schools but our so called detainees are allowed five prayer times a day and we provide their Koran’s.

We are so tolerant in America that if you kill our people we will allow you to do most anything you like, we will give you excuses, we will even spend years convincing everyone that we brought this all on ourselves. We will have our children spend time in class dressing like you and learning all about your culture, we will force college students to study your dogma as to better understand it. Didn’t you hear we are paper tigers, Bin Laden said so himself and we set about proving him right so now you know the best way to push your agenda.

Don’t get to comfortable

February 6, 2006

Don’t get to comfortable
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

I will assume that by now everyone has heard of the eminent domain ruling by Justice John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer. This is interesting. By traditional stereotypes, you would have thought the conservatives would be the ones voting for this. However, it pretty much follows party lines. So if Private Party A wants to put something where Private Party B has something else, whichever one will pay more taxes to the government has the right to that property. That’s how eminent domain now works. Eminent domain no longer means roads, school, governmental buildings, etc. It now means Best Buy headquarters, apartment buildings, private health clubs, and whatever the person with more money wants.

While this is going on we also have Competition for new customers driving banks to offer home loans and other financial services to illegal immigrants. So if they want to build a taco stand on your families farm if it will bring in more revenue for the state, your family just bought the farm so to speak. Maybe it is an attempt to drive out us gun toting, back woods rednecks once and for all, or it could just be that the liberals have been lying all along about the conservatives being money hungry. Either way it spells bad news for this country. This type of behavior is why we have been screaming about the Supreme Court, they do not have the American peoples goals at heart they have their own. They were able to rule against us so many times without so much as a whimper so now they are getting bolder; next it will be to take our guns so that we cannot defend our property against eminent domain.
Most people do not buy their property with the intent to sell; they buy it to live on, to pass on to the next generation. Now the Supreme Court has said to bad if they need it for a Holiday Inn by God they are going to take it.  We have heard the wails and moans over the patriot act, how it violates our privacy excuse me but having a bulldozer knock down my living room wall tends to concern me a bit more. Do not be fooled by the term “ Just Compensation” That means what they offer you, who determines what just compensation is to a man and woman who have spent their entire lives living in their homes? Who decides what their memories are worth; it will not be them I can assure you.

 Just imagine all those beautiful farms, houses, and parks being destroyed so someone can put up a fun park, we as a country will kick an owner off their property to save a woodpecker, now we will do it to start businesses. Not only will we do it to start a business they don’t even have to be in America legally to get a loan to buy your home. These people are chipping away slowly at every right we have substituting new ones as they go along.

We all know that this will eventually lead to bloodshed; it is one thing to tell you that you can not pray in a public place and another to tell you that you must give up your home. They have brought their unholy fight to our doorsteps, and they intend to own them. Texas may opt to bring back the flag that aptly said “Come and take it”  We did not work all our lives, save all our money to finally buy that little piece of property to hear the Government say it does not belong to us. So tonight as you walk your garden, eat your supper, watch the game, kiss the kids goodnight, and look around you at what you have accomplished, don’t get to comfortable.


Prison scandal

February 6, 2006

Prison scandal
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

For some time now we have been bombarded with stories of prison scandals, while we are in fact treating the prisoners much better than their own home countries ever would. Yet we must endure the stories, the photos and the likes of I like to swim Kennedy and we’re all Nazi’s Durbin, I have to wonder what their reactions would have been in say WWII? From the start, our POW policy was driven by an intent to ensure the safety of Americans in Nazi hands. So scrupulously did we hew to the 97 Geneva Conventions that many Americans thought the prisoners were being coddled. It didn’t take long, however, for word about the good conditions in all 644 U.S. POW camps to reach the European front. As former POWs at a reunion in Arizona relate in this story, prisoners had room and board better than that provided by the German army, and eventually were allowed to work on farms and in factories. Add to that educational and recreational programs that served as subliminal instruments of de-Nazification, and the country ended up with many POWs who, after the war, chose to return to the land of their captors.

What I wonder would Senator Kennedy say about the fact that during the Civil War, many were paroled until exchanged, meaning they could just go home until a one-for-one paper exchange occurred. Then they were eligible for service again. Or Senator Durbin if he knew that a German prisoner-of-war camp was located on Gettysburg battlefield land during 1944 and 1945. Oh the scandal of placing such a camp on Sacred ground. It is funny however that the biggest scandal in the days of the greatest generation was that the prisoners were not only getting good chow but free ice cream to boot…  The fact is we not only kept the prisoners till the end of the war we also expected them to work. So scandalous were we that we had camps in Texas, Gettysburg, New Hampshire, Colorado, and others that I am sure I missed.

Aah but wouldn’t they be surprised to know that a lot of the prisoners liked it so much they actually wanted to stay, we sent them home but some chose to come back and live in the land of their captors. As it stands today our prisoners number one still have their heads, number two there are very few buried. On the contrary they are given meals that coincide with their religious practices, Our Military field rations being given to them would actually be against the Geneva Convention. They are given five prayer times and even have places where footprints are painted so that our military know not to step there as it might squeak and disturb their prayers.

Prisoners in WWII were required to work for our absent men who were in the war; our prisoners today must not be bothered with such extreme circumstances. WWII prisoners picked cotton, apples, worked in lumber mills and in forestry. Just imagine trying to get the liberals to go along with that now. While I know a lot of you are thinking that was then and this is now, that is true however a prisoner is still a prisoner and war is still war. For those of you who are just about ready to say “but we must be better than them” I for one consider allowing them to keep their heads as a definite improvement over what they have done to their prisoners.

I tend to personally believe that our dripping water on our prisoner’s heads called water boarding for you Kennedy fans is much better than cutting them off and showing the world on tape. You see there in lies our problem, our media is fast to show all of our discrepancies and yet they will not show the Americans what these people are doing to their prisoners. We are fighting a one sided war with the media, a media who by the way doesn’t like Americans. While you are watching your favorite news show tonight I dare you to count how many positive things are said about our country. Don’t worry it won’t take that long and you can probably count them on one hand.

So in conclusion, in order for you to say that we as Americans are barbarians, Nazi’s or otherwise, then I believe that you in fact would be calling my Mother and Father that very same thing. You in fact are saying that the Greatest Generation was immoral, cruel and inhumane, however it is because of those immoral, cruel and inhumane people that America still stands to accept you and your criticism with open arms. That being the case I for one am proud to stand with immoral, inhumane people.

Our silence is proving them right

February 6, 2006

Our silence is proving them right
Written by:  Carolyn Hileman
We each went to the polls in November and voted our conscience; we blackend holes, punched out dots or tapped a computer screen. We came out in droves in the rain, snow and unbearable heat, stood in hour long lines, argued with judges and clerks about where we were to vote. We suffered through month after month of negative advertising, wrote letters, sent emails, worked in campaign offices and even put stickers on our cars, all of that was for what?

The majority of Americans sent a message loud and clear as to whom we wanted for our president and what agenda we wanted to see forwarded, we waited up anxiously till the last state was in, then we waited to see if the other candidate was going to bow out gracefully. We held our breath when we heard that Kennedy was going over to talk to Kerry. Seems we are still holding our breath, and I am tired of it.
They say that they have plans to impeach our president, for what? Not having an affair in the White House? John McCain is frothing at the mouth wanting to take over the world, but will settle for Mr. First’s job for now. Well, enough is enough; someone has to remind these fools who they work for. First of all McCain can go over and join the democrats that is where the jerk belongs. At least Jumping Jeffords had the decency to leave the party and not try to destroy it from within.

You have to understand it is not just the president they are trying to destroy now it is all of the stupid people who dared to vote for the man. What they are trying to tell us is that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, if we don’t like them they are going down. They want us to know they have the power to break us anytime they want and we can do nothing about it. Go ahead and vote, elect them by a majority it does not matter.  They will win in the court rooms and to make sure they will not allow anyone who does not subscribe to their views in those courtrooms except as a defendant.

That is right the attack is no longer solely on the president they are attacking us as well, they are attacking every single thing we believe in including our right to vote. They call us cruel because we won’t allow terrorists to run free, we need to move them. Well, OK, how about we put them in our local prisons and see if they get better treatment… Every day they tell us how bad our military is doing, never once saying hey good job, if they are not having problems Newsweek has to manufacture something. These people might as well have put a gun to our soldier’s heads and pulled the trigger and the media feels sorry for them…

I suppose the real question here is just how much more of this are we going to take? How long are we going to sit on the sidelines, waiting on Bush to do something? When are we as Americans going to stand up and say Hell NO! When are we going to burn up the phone lines of the congress demanding up and down votes on ALL appointees? When are we going to remind Congress who voted for them and why? When are we going to remind the Democrats what we did to Daschle and why?

We worked to hard, prayed to hard, to allow these people to walk all over our constitutional rights just because they can. It is time people to raise a little hell, the more they call us extremist the better. It is not extreme to expect your vote to mean something; it is not extreme to expect to see people with your own beliefs in our courts and schools. It is not extreme to believe in working hard as opposed to welfare, it is not extreme to believe in peace through strength. It is not extreme to raise your voice and tell them who you are and what you want.

I know it is not in our nature to start disturbances, we only go out when they start the mess and clean it up. The only problem is they didn’t get the picture in November; they didn’t seem to understand the significance of how many people voted for that man. They still believe that there are more of them than there are of us. These fools honestly believe they are still in charge and our silence is proving them right.

“W” go home

February 6, 2006

Written by: Carolyn Hileman
It started that cold wet day in 2000, the comments, the harassment and the hatred. It continued even on September 11th when anchor men and women were attempting to blame that tragedy on you even before the ashes cooled. They never saw what we in Texas saw in you, they never tried, instead they used the fact that you were from here as a detractor. They laugh at the way you talk, call you a cowboy, funny thing is back here in Texas that is considered a term of endearment. To be a cowboy is the finest thing you could be here where you make it only by true grit and a true love of the country.
They do not deserve to have you lead them; they have turned the Presidency into a big joke. Those people are actuarially proud of what your predecessor did while in that office. They hold him up as if he is something to emulate, even though the most memorable thing he ever did in the White House was disgrace it. They know nothing of true leadership, they don’t want to know. They do not deserve a man who walked back into a target to lead his people; they deserve a man like John Kerry who was one of those who ran that day, let them have him. Come home to Texas and become the president of Texas, that is right I am suggesting that we break away from the Union.
For a while now I have been thinking there must be a place where those of us who hold conservative values can live without the liberals breathing down our necks and telling us what they deem to be our rights. The fact is Texas is exactly the place I have been thinking of. Let’s be honest here, we need absolutely nothing from the other states. As a matter of fact we send electricity and satellite signals to those states. There is really no reason to be involved with those other states at all. We grow our own food, hunt, fish, have plenty of oil, so what exactly do need from the rest of the United States that hasn’t been united since our Forefathers past away.
Their idea of unity is do it our way and we won’t sue you, they don’t even know how to read the constitution but can sit around and tell us how many so-called rights they have. Someone should tell them that no where in the bill of rights does it say that you have the right to kill an innocent baby. There is no right to get married, there is no such thing as separation of Church and state. They call us ignorant, at least we can read the constitution and Bill of Rights; we know what is in there and what isn’t and we don’t go around pretending that what ever we want is a right simply because it says we have the right to happiness.
I say we give the liberals thirty days notice that we are about to become our own country and that they are no longer welcome here. Let the other Southern states, which would like to join us in our endeavor, become their own country and we will only transact with them alone. Let those Northern folks run the rest the way they like, let them have their Gay marriages, abortions and churches that are politically correct. We can bring the military to the South because the liberals don’t believe in guns; we can even promise them that we will not use our arms or military to protect them in deference to their stance on gun control.
So yes, “W” go home and lead a country who knows what true leadership is, leave those yellow bellied sapsuckers back in Washington. Come home and make Texas the greatest free country in the world, let them keep their UN, let them lick France’s boot straps. Let them go beg the UN and Nato to protect them, let them deal with all those terrorist countries. We all know they will not touch Texas or anyone in the South because we don’t roll over and play dead. You hurt us and we will hunt you down and you will know what pain is, we don’t go for that politically correct war stuff we take care of our down here. So let them have their personal version of Hell and come back home. We’ll keep the lights on for ya.   


February 6, 2006

Written by: Carolyn Hileman
I grew up listening to Jack and Dianne and hurts so good, however it isn’t hurting so good anymore. I was so proud when my children embraced the music I grew up with, John Cougar, Bon Jovie and others. I always believed in my soul that they wrote about my life and truly understood the common American person. Boy was I so wrong!!!! They have no clue about me or what I believe in, They are nothing more than a couple of punks who have to run with the crowd to look big…
Now Jack and Dianne are resting in peace in the trash, I guess I just out grew them; after all it is my life. Living on a prayer was my theme song for the longest right up till I figured out that Bon Jovie probably never uttered on in their life. You know I let those guys off the last time, I had decided that I could listen to the old songs but not buy any of the new stuff. But now it turns my stomach to accidentally hear one of their songs.
I told my children that it was classic rock, but I am beginning to think the only Rock singers or groups I can listen to will be dead that way they cannot disappoint me. As for the Hollywood stars, I suppose I will resort to watching reruns, not of anyone who is alive though. These clones really drive me nuts, they do not have an original idea of their own. Do you know what they remind me of? You all remember the clicks in school? You had to dress the same, talk the same, walk the same and you were not allowed to have a thought of your own, because if you did you would figure out you didn’t want to belong in that click anyway.
Well I just am not about to sell my soul so I can watch their trash and I refuse to absentmindedly sing to the songs I used to. I can fill my music shelf with Charlie Daniels, Gretchen Wilson, Darrel Worley and Toby Keith. They sing about the heart of America. I can pass my hours watching classics like Gone with the wind, and John Wayne, they fit the redneck in me anyway, I would rather eat ole’ messy Bar b q than dine with any of that Hollywood bunch any day. And I would darn sure rather sit and watch the sun go down in my back yard than any movie by Chevy Chase, sorry fella I never found you that funny any way.
Now if my abandoning Hollywood means that I am no longer cool, oh well. I will still watch some shows till their stars start acting like the rest of us are stupid. I guess these geniuses’s have yet to figure out you make me mad and you ain’t getting my money… I don’t mind you having an opinion but when you decide your opinion is more important than mine that is when I turn you off. So go right on ahead and act like jerks you are just saving me a lot of money and time. I don’t need you to be happy, I can be just as happy going to a friend’s house and talking about absolutely nothing all night.
Go right on ahead and give Moore another Academy award I don’t care I haven’t watched that junk in years. Tout that fool as something special when everyone knows that if Bush was really like Hitler like he said that fat boy would be filming behind bars if he were alive to do it. I do find it amazing the stuff they pass off as talent these days, they have to have a script to know how to act that is why they cannot figure out how to behave when they are not in front of a camera. All I have to say is that as my Dad always said, if we could by them for what they are worth and sell them for what they thought they were worth we could all be rich.
You know Bugs Bunny, Taz and Porky haven’t been to any fundraisers I think I might start watching them, That’s all folks.