“W” go home

Written by: Carolyn Hileman
It started that cold wet day in 2000, the comments, the harassment and the hatred. It continued even on September 11th when anchor men and women were attempting to blame that tragedy on you even before the ashes cooled. They never saw what we in Texas saw in you, they never tried, instead they used the fact that you were from here as a detractor. They laugh at the way you talk, call you a cowboy, funny thing is back here in Texas that is considered a term of endearment. To be a cowboy is the finest thing you could be here where you make it only by true grit and a true love of the country.
They do not deserve to have you lead them; they have turned the Presidency into a big joke. Those people are actuarially proud of what your predecessor did while in that office. They hold him up as if he is something to emulate, even though the most memorable thing he ever did in the White House was disgrace it. They know nothing of true leadership, they don’t want to know. They do not deserve a man who walked back into a target to lead his people; they deserve a man like John Kerry who was one of those who ran that day, let them have him. Come home to Texas and become the president of Texas, that is right I am suggesting that we break away from the Union.
For a while now I have been thinking there must be a place where those of us who hold conservative values can live without the liberals breathing down our necks and telling us what they deem to be our rights. The fact is Texas is exactly the place I have been thinking of. Let’s be honest here, we need absolutely nothing from the other states. As a matter of fact we send electricity and satellite signals to those states. There is really no reason to be involved with those other states at all. We grow our own food, hunt, fish, have plenty of oil, so what exactly do need from the rest of the United States that hasn’t been united since our Forefathers past away.
Their idea of unity is do it our way and we won’t sue you, they don’t even know how to read the constitution but can sit around and tell us how many so-called rights they have. Someone should tell them that no where in the bill of rights does it say that you have the right to kill an innocent baby. There is no right to get married, there is no such thing as separation of Church and state. They call us ignorant, at least we can read the constitution and Bill of Rights; we know what is in there and what isn’t and we don’t go around pretending that what ever we want is a right simply because it says we have the right to happiness.
I say we give the liberals thirty days notice that we are about to become our own country and that they are no longer welcome here. Let the other Southern states, which would like to join us in our endeavor, become their own country and we will only transact with them alone. Let those Northern folks run the rest the way they like, let them have their Gay marriages, abortions and churches that are politically correct. We can bring the military to the South because the liberals don’t believe in guns; we can even promise them that we will not use our arms or military to protect them in deference to their stance on gun control.
So yes, “W” go home and lead a country who knows what true leadership is, leave those yellow bellied sapsuckers back in Washington. Come home and make Texas the greatest free country in the world, let them keep their UN, let them lick France’s boot straps. Let them go beg the UN and Nato to protect them, let them deal with all those terrorist countries. We all know they will not touch Texas or anyone in the South because we don’t roll over and play dead. You hurt us and we will hunt you down and you will know what pain is, we don’t go for that politically correct war stuff we take care of our down here. So let them have their personal version of Hell and come back home. We’ll keep the lights on for ya.   


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