Constitution and the Bill of rights

Constitution and the Bill of rights
I have heard it said that our constitution is a living breathing document that takes on the voice of its people. I have also heard fairytales most of my life as well, funny but I almost expect to here once upon a time before I hear that statement. The constitution is a piece of paper with words written on it, very important words no doubt, but still just words. A lot like the Bible it is one of the most picked apart documents on the face of the earth. People tend to quote their favorite parts and ignore the rest of it, while both must be taken as a whole to be understood.

The Constitution my friends does not have a pulse, it has no heart beat, it has no brain, in this respect if it were a living breathing document it would be declared brain dead and spared of its purely in existent life. It would in effect be alive only by the help of machines and therefore useless. I have heard that the Constitution and the Bill of rights were in effect noble documents meant to guide us in this experiment called America. Sounds very educated doesn’t it? But I doubt very seriously that the men who fought for and signed those documents knew that they were fighting for an experiment.
No, they fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not some living breathing document that was the on the draft table as an interesting experiment. Sounds like a lot of people have been watching a bit too much Frankenstein, They seem to view America as some big game board and we are the pieces. Let’s see what happens if we try to take their property for taxes… However, most of us were not told we were even playing the game. It seems to me that some very brave men fought and died so that we could not be treated this way, but if you think about it we are heading back to the times before that Great War that brought us our independence.
Today in this great experiment we can not openly acknowledge our Lord and Savior; we live in fear of our property being taken for taxes. Do you remember that great statement “no taxation with out representation “? Well I think most of us would agree that the Supreme Court does not represent us in the eminent domain judgment. It is amazing that we are now deciding how things should be done in America by the world’s standards. So much for independence, we can no longer put to death a murderer who committed a murder when he was under eighteen. Why? Because the rest of the world doesn’t, that is right Our US Supreme court seeks out the worlds judgment before our own.

When we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, everyone was so worried that we would push our culture on them; no one has bothered to worry about the rest of the world pushing their culture on us. They really do not have to push though; our justices actively seek their advice about how to rule on things in our country. Our forefathers fought for our independence our leaders are handing right back. We are America, we are a strong and proud people, we are a sometimes a loud and rowdy people, we are an independent people, a people who have had to fight for everything we have ever gotten. We don’t give up very easily, not those rights we inherited, and we will fight to the death to retain them.

That so called living breathing document was meant as a road map to a brighter more beautiful future, not for them but for us because they never lived to see the freedoms we have today. The Constitution is a rock, a solid in this ever changing world of ours; it stands to stop the waves of divisiveness that would be ours without it. The Bill of rights is what our forefathers fought and died for, they did not pick up arms, leave everything behind, rest in their own blood so that it could be amended for every right we thought we should have, just those that should be inherent to all.

This country, with its farmers, truckers, housewives, single parents and school children is not some experiment, it is our life. The farms, the doublewides, and frame houses are not just property they are a way of life. Our belief in God and country is not just a statement, it is life. We read our Bibles as what it is, a road map to Heaven, we are your banker, your butcher, your hairdresser, your sister, your Mother, your Father or brother, simply put we are America, there is no other country like us, there are no other people like us. We were born of a belief that people could live together in freedom and that belief became fact and that fact became a couple of pieces of paper, later to be known as the Constitution and the Bill of rights.



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