Don’t get to comfortable

Don’t get to comfortable
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

I will assume that by now everyone has heard of the eminent domain ruling by Justice John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer. This is interesting. By traditional stereotypes, you would have thought the conservatives would be the ones voting for this. However, it pretty much follows party lines. So if Private Party A wants to put something where Private Party B has something else, whichever one will pay more taxes to the government has the right to that property. That’s how eminent domain now works. Eminent domain no longer means roads, school, governmental buildings, etc. It now means Best Buy headquarters, apartment buildings, private health clubs, and whatever the person with more money wants.

While this is going on we also have Competition for new customers driving banks to offer home loans and other financial services to illegal immigrants. So if they want to build a taco stand on your families farm if it will bring in more revenue for the state, your family just bought the farm so to speak. Maybe it is an attempt to drive out us gun toting, back woods rednecks once and for all, or it could just be that the liberals have been lying all along about the conservatives being money hungry. Either way it spells bad news for this country. This type of behavior is why we have been screaming about the Supreme Court, they do not have the American peoples goals at heart they have their own. They were able to rule against us so many times without so much as a whimper so now they are getting bolder; next it will be to take our guns so that we cannot defend our property against eminent domain.
Most people do not buy their property with the intent to sell; they buy it to live on, to pass on to the next generation. Now the Supreme Court has said to bad if they need it for a Holiday Inn by God they are going to take it.  We have heard the wails and moans over the patriot act, how it violates our privacy excuse me but having a bulldozer knock down my living room wall tends to concern me a bit more. Do not be fooled by the term “ Just Compensation” That means what they offer you, who determines what just compensation is to a man and woman who have spent their entire lives living in their homes? Who decides what their memories are worth; it will not be them I can assure you.

 Just imagine all those beautiful farms, houses, and parks being destroyed so someone can put up a fun park, we as a country will kick an owner off their property to save a woodpecker, now we will do it to start businesses. Not only will we do it to start a business they don’t even have to be in America legally to get a loan to buy your home. These people are chipping away slowly at every right we have substituting new ones as they go along.

We all know that this will eventually lead to bloodshed; it is one thing to tell you that you can not pray in a public place and another to tell you that you must give up your home. They have brought their unholy fight to our doorsteps, and they intend to own them. Texas may opt to bring back the flag that aptly said “Come and take it”  We did not work all our lives, save all our money to finally buy that little piece of property to hear the Government say it does not belong to us. So tonight as you walk your garden, eat your supper, watch the game, kiss the kids goodnight, and look around you at what you have accomplished, don’t get to comfortable.



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