Written by: Carolyn Hileman
I grew up listening to Jack and Dianne and hurts so good, however it isn’t hurting so good anymore. I was so proud when my children embraced the music I grew up with, John Cougar, Bon Jovie and others. I always believed in my soul that they wrote about my life and truly understood the common American person. Boy was I so wrong!!!! They have no clue about me or what I believe in, They are nothing more than a couple of punks who have to run with the crowd to look big…
Now Jack and Dianne are resting in peace in the trash, I guess I just out grew them; after all it is my life. Living on a prayer was my theme song for the longest right up till I figured out that Bon Jovie probably never uttered on in their life. You know I let those guys off the last time, I had decided that I could listen to the old songs but not buy any of the new stuff. But now it turns my stomach to accidentally hear one of their songs.
I told my children that it was classic rock, but I am beginning to think the only Rock singers or groups I can listen to will be dead that way they cannot disappoint me. As for the Hollywood stars, I suppose I will resort to watching reruns, not of anyone who is alive though. These clones really drive me nuts, they do not have an original idea of their own. Do you know what they remind me of? You all remember the clicks in school? You had to dress the same, talk the same, walk the same and you were not allowed to have a thought of your own, because if you did you would figure out you didn’t want to belong in that click anyway.
Well I just am not about to sell my soul so I can watch their trash and I refuse to absentmindedly sing to the songs I used to. I can fill my music shelf with Charlie Daniels, Gretchen Wilson, Darrel Worley and Toby Keith. They sing about the heart of America. I can pass my hours watching classics like Gone with the wind, and John Wayne, they fit the redneck in me anyway, I would rather eat ole’ messy Bar b q than dine with any of that Hollywood bunch any day. And I would darn sure rather sit and watch the sun go down in my back yard than any movie by Chevy Chase, sorry fella I never found you that funny any way.
Now if my abandoning Hollywood means that I am no longer cool, oh well. I will still watch some shows till their stars start acting like the rest of us are stupid. I guess these geniuses’s have yet to figure out you make me mad and you ain’t getting my money… I don’t mind you having an opinion but when you decide your opinion is more important than mine that is when I turn you off. So go right on ahead and act like jerks you are just saving me a lot of money and time. I don’t need you to be happy, I can be just as happy going to a friend’s house and talking about absolutely nothing all night.
Go right on ahead and give Moore another Academy award I don’t care I haven’t watched that junk in years. Tout that fool as something special when everyone knows that if Bush was really like Hitler like he said that fat boy would be filming behind bars if he were alive to do it. I do find it amazing the stuff they pass off as talent these days, they have to have a script to know how to act that is why they cannot figure out how to behave when they are not in front of a camera. All I have to say is that as my Dad always said, if we could by them for what they are worth and sell them for what they thought they were worth we could all be rich.
You know Bugs Bunny, Taz and Porky haven’t been to any fundraisers I think I might start watching them, That’s all folks.     


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