How to push your agenda in America

How to push your agenda in America
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

There are a lot of groups in America who work day and night to forward their agenda in America. I am here to tell you that you are doing it all wrong; all of your hard work is most often for naught. You can put out flyers, make commercials, have parades, send your preaches or spokespersons all over the world and still be right where you started. Sure every now and then you get a crumb thrown your way, but you know it is only a crumb.

The proper ways to get your agenda forwarded is declare your hatred of America, declare war on us then follow it up with a few guys willing to die for your cause in airplanes. That is right, you have to prove to Americans and the liberals that you can and will kill nearly three thousand people in one day. Then you will have people falling all over themselves to be nice to you, they will spend years trying to get people to understand why you had to do it.

All of your work done in one single day, don’t worry about people retaliating against you, they wouldn’t dare that would be considered intolerant. As a matter of fact they are more likely to change their court systems to include your dogma. If by chance you or any of your group is caught and put behind bars, our attorneys paid for by us will handle your case and before it is over they will have the jail you’re detained in shut down.
Your dogma will become sacred and any one who does not respect it will be ostracized, we will understand if someone says that it was tarnished and you turn your guns on us. Don’t worry about our military coming after you either the liberals have their hands tied so securely you could walk in here and do anything you want, they will have to ask for permission to fire on you and that could take years, walk into a church and we will simply be forced to walk away.

You may think I am crazy saying these things, have you looked around you lately? Have you listened these days, before 9/11 when was the last time you heard about a Koran? Now that is all we hear about, they can spit on our Bible, tear out the pages, burn it and no one will stand up and stop it. But you let some news magazine lie about the Koran being disrespected and suddenly the whole world is bearing teeth and ready to charge and incarcerate anyone involved. Our children are not allowed to utter the word Jesus in schools but our so called detainees are allowed five prayer times a day and we provide their Koran’s.

We are so tolerant in America that if you kill our people we will allow you to do most anything you like, we will give you excuses, we will even spend years convincing everyone that we brought this all on ourselves. We will have our children spend time in class dressing like you and learning all about your culture, we will force college students to study your dogma as to better understand it. Didn’t you hear we are paper tigers, Bin Laden said so himself and we set about proving him right so now you know the best way to push your agenda.


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