Our silence is proving them right

Our silence is proving them right
Written by:  Carolyn Hileman
We each went to the polls in November and voted our conscience; we blackend holes, punched out dots or tapped a computer screen. We came out in droves in the rain, snow and unbearable heat, stood in hour long lines, argued with judges and clerks about where we were to vote. We suffered through month after month of negative advertising, wrote letters, sent emails, worked in campaign offices and even put stickers on our cars, all of that was for what?

The majority of Americans sent a message loud and clear as to whom we wanted for our president and what agenda we wanted to see forwarded, we waited up anxiously till the last state was in, then we waited to see if the other candidate was going to bow out gracefully. We held our breath when we heard that Kennedy was going over to talk to Kerry. Seems we are still holding our breath, and I am tired of it.
They say that they have plans to impeach our president, for what? Not having an affair in the White House? John McCain is frothing at the mouth wanting to take over the world, but will settle for Mr. First’s job for now. Well, enough is enough; someone has to remind these fools who they work for. First of all McCain can go over and join the democrats that is where the jerk belongs. At least Jumping Jeffords had the decency to leave the party and not try to destroy it from within.

You have to understand it is not just the president they are trying to destroy now it is all of the stupid people who dared to vote for the man. What they are trying to tell us is that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, if we don’t like them they are going down. They want us to know they have the power to break us anytime they want and we can do nothing about it. Go ahead and vote, elect them by a majority it does not matter.  They will win in the court rooms and to make sure they will not allow anyone who does not subscribe to their views in those courtrooms except as a defendant.

That is right the attack is no longer solely on the president they are attacking us as well, they are attacking every single thing we believe in including our right to vote. They call us cruel because we won’t allow terrorists to run free, we need to move them. Well, OK, how about we put them in our local prisons and see if they get better treatment… Every day they tell us how bad our military is doing, never once saying hey good job, if they are not having problems Newsweek has to manufacture something. These people might as well have put a gun to our soldier’s heads and pulled the trigger and the media feels sorry for them…

I suppose the real question here is just how much more of this are we going to take? How long are we going to sit on the sidelines, waiting on Bush to do something? When are we as Americans going to stand up and say Hell NO! When are we going to burn up the phone lines of the congress demanding up and down votes on ALL appointees? When are we going to remind Congress who voted for them and why? When are we going to remind the Democrats what we did to Daschle and why?

We worked to hard, prayed to hard, to allow these people to walk all over our constitutional rights just because they can. It is time people to raise a little hell, the more they call us extremist the better. It is not extreme to expect your vote to mean something; it is not extreme to expect to see people with your own beliefs in our courts and schools. It is not extreme to believe in working hard as opposed to welfare, it is not extreme to believe in peace through strength. It is not extreme to raise your voice and tell them who you are and what you want.

I know it is not in our nature to start disturbances, we only go out when they start the mess and clean it up. The only problem is they didn’t get the picture in November; they didn’t seem to understand the significance of how many people voted for that man. They still believe that there are more of them than there are of us. These fools honestly believe they are still in charge and our silence is proving them right.


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