Prison scandal

Prison scandal
Written by: Carolyn Hileman

For some time now we have been bombarded with stories of prison scandals, while we are in fact treating the prisoners much better than their own home countries ever would. Yet we must endure the stories, the photos and the likes of I like to swim Kennedy and we’re all Nazi’s Durbin, I have to wonder what their reactions would have been in say WWII? From the start, our POW policy was driven by an intent to ensure the safety of Americans in Nazi hands. So scrupulously did we hew to the 97 Geneva Conventions that many Americans thought the prisoners were being coddled. It didn’t take long, however, for word about the good conditions in all 644 U.S. POW camps to reach the European front. As former POWs at a reunion in Arizona relate in this story, prisoners had room and board better than that provided by the German army, and eventually were allowed to work on farms and in factories. Add to that educational and recreational programs that served as subliminal instruments of de-Nazification, and the country ended up with many POWs who, after the war, chose to return to the land of their captors.

What I wonder would Senator Kennedy say about the fact that during the Civil War, many were paroled until exchanged, meaning they could just go home until a one-for-one paper exchange occurred. Then they were eligible for service again. Or Senator Durbin if he knew that a German prisoner-of-war camp was located on Gettysburg battlefield land during 1944 and 1945. Oh the scandal of placing such a camp on Sacred ground. It is funny however that the biggest scandal in the days of the greatest generation was that the prisoners were not only getting good chow but free ice cream to boot…  The fact is we not only kept the prisoners till the end of the war we also expected them to work. So scandalous were we that we had camps in Texas, Gettysburg, New Hampshire, Colorado, and others that I am sure I missed.

Aah but wouldn’t they be surprised to know that a lot of the prisoners liked it so much they actually wanted to stay, we sent them home but some chose to come back and live in the land of their captors. As it stands today our prisoners number one still have their heads, number two there are very few buried. On the contrary they are given meals that coincide with their religious practices, Our Military field rations being given to them would actually be against the Geneva Convention. They are given five prayer times and even have places where footprints are painted so that our military know not to step there as it might squeak and disturb their prayers.

Prisoners in WWII were required to work for our absent men who were in the war; our prisoners today must not be bothered with such extreme circumstances. WWII prisoners picked cotton, apples, worked in lumber mills and in forestry. Just imagine trying to get the liberals to go along with that now. While I know a lot of you are thinking that was then and this is now, that is true however a prisoner is still a prisoner and war is still war. For those of you who are just about ready to say “but we must be better than them” I for one consider allowing them to keep their heads as a definite improvement over what they have done to their prisoners.

I tend to personally believe that our dripping water on our prisoner’s heads called water boarding for you Kennedy fans is much better than cutting them off and showing the world on tape. You see there in lies our problem, our media is fast to show all of our discrepancies and yet they will not show the Americans what these people are doing to their prisoners. We are fighting a one sided war with the media, a media who by the way doesn’t like Americans. While you are watching your favorite news show tonight I dare you to count how many positive things are said about our country. Don’t worry it won’t take that long and you can probably count them on one hand.

So in conclusion, in order for you to say that we as Americans are barbarians, Nazi’s or otherwise, then I believe that you in fact would be calling my Mother and Father that very same thing. You in fact are saying that the Greatest Generation was immoral, cruel and inhumane, however it is because of those immoral, cruel and inhumane people that America still stands to accept you and your criticism with open arms. That being the case I for one am proud to stand with immoral, inhumane people.


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